Zero-Friction Bike Charger Keeps Your Phone Working on the Commute

By Gary Cutlack on at

The CydeKick is a rather exciting new bike accessory, claiming to offer a plug-in solution to charging your stuff using the power of your own legs. It can run LED lights using its frictionless engine to do away with batteries, or there's a USB option for charging any other combination of phone, camera or GPS device.

The charger is asking for money on Kickstarter, or at least it will be when the campaign launches next week. It describes itself as being a "add-on bicycle generator system" that can fix on to the front or back wheel hubs, with two versions available. The Mini can only power its own LED light, while the Pro comes with the dongle and wires needed to affix a USB socket to your ride. Both attach to your current wheels.

The only vague unknown at the moment is that there's no technical specification explaining maximum or average electrical output levels the frictionless generator element channels to the USB connector, so we've no idea how fast the rider needs to be going before the charger output matches the amount of energy used to keep the screen of a Galaxy Note 4 on all the time. [Kickstarter via Cycling Weekly]