10 Cool Tricks and Illusions You Can Do With Liquids

By Casey Chan on at

You can do so much with just water and other liquids. Like glycerin can make bottles disappear, water can start fires, honey does a good job at real life slow motion, a glass of water can reverse arrow signs and so forth. Brusspup, the YouTube illusionist extraordinaire, shows us 10 fun things you can do with liquids and some of them will make you question the secret powers of water.

  1. Slow motion ball
  2. Water fire starter
  3. No leak magic bag
  4. Liquid stacking
  5. Invisible bottle
  6. Dancing liquid
  7. Magic water barrier
  8. Leidenfrost effect
  9. Reverse illusion
  10. Reversing liquid

This article originally appeared on Sploid, a Gizmodo blog of delicious brain candy