A Former Apple CEO is Making New Phones, and They're Not Bad

By Darren Orf on at

John Sculley is most known for his time with Apple and his head-scratching manoeuvre to kick out co-founder Steve Jobs from Apple. Now, he’s back with two phones, the SF1 and the SJ1.5. They’re are also meant for those elusive 1 billion people Google is always talking about with Android One, and Sculley thinks these two phones can actually pull it off.

These aren’t meant to compete with the mega-expensive flagships out there — not even close. The SF1 is a 4G device with a Snapdragon 610 processor and a Full HD display that’ll run around $200 whereas the curiously named SJ1.5 will be just 3G at $120 and will be slightly less powerful across the board. Any UK equivalent prices are far off at this point; Sculley apparently wants to have reached 50 different markets by 2017.

In order to entice new users, Sculley is putting all his money on design, tapping the SF-based firm Ammunition, which designed the original Beats headphones. The SJ1.5 look a lot like a Frankenstein hybrid of Beats style with a hardware layout similar to Sharps Aquos smartphone from 2014. The SF1 is much more reserved:

A Former Apple CEO Is Making New Phones, and They're Kind of Neat

And yes, these phones are running Lollipop, a slightly skinned version that Obi calls Lifespeed — basically a custom lock screen and some lovely wallpapers. But Sculley tells the Verge that it could become much more over time. So there you go: cheap smartphones have a new challenger come October. Good luck, Obi. You’re going to need it. [The Verge]