AC/DC and the Most Bizarre Ashley Madison Theory Yet

By James O Malley on at

Tweets about 80s band AC/DC could have inadvertently revealed who is behind the hack of extra-marital dating site Ashley Madison, if a new analysis is to be believed. It sounds a little tenuous to us - but is too weird not to mention.

Blogger Brian Krebs, who writes at Krebs on Security has wondered if there's a big clue that was dropped by Toronto police, who revealed that the first employees knew about the hack was when they logged into their computers on July 12th to be greeted by 1991 hit Thunderstruck, by AC/DC.

What's interesting, Kreb claimed, is that Twitter account @deuszu had been posting source-code from the hack, and had also previously tweeted about other less high-profile hacks with references to Thunderstruck.

There was also a tweet on July 19th, 12 hours before the hack which said "Settle down, amigo. We are setting up a replication server so we can get that show started", which included a screenshot showing a YouTube tab for the AC/DC track.

The account, which also identifies itself as Thadeus Zu, has essentially denied any involvement:





There's about a million tweets like this, but you get the idea - they (and we're not entirely sure whether it is one or multiple people using the account) are strongly denying Krebs' account. The account has gone on to detail perceived problems with Krebs' analysis - such as pointing to other websites and hacking groups which were publishing Ashley Madison material before even they were.

So could an 80s band have accidentally given away who hacked Ashley Madison? Or will the whole theory be shot down in flames? It'll be interesting to find out. [NME]

Updated: This piece was updated to correct Krebs' work. He hasn't written for the Washington Post since 2009.