All UK Music Videos to Show BBFC Ratings Online -- But Rihanna's Pubic Mound is Safe

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK authorities have decided that a trial run of BBFC ratings for pop videos was a good thing that saved some young minds from being warped -- or at least pushed back the process by several months -- and are rolling out the requirement to display an age rating alongside all online music promo videos across the UK.

There is, though, one enormous catch. It only applies to videos produced within the UK, so we can foresee a future in which a Luxembourg-based video production shell company suddenly becomes one of the music world's foremost filmmaking companies.

The move, according to the BPI, will: " made permanent for videos produced in the UK by artists who are represented by major labels," with the UK divisions of the Sony, Universal and Warner music teams agreeing to supply videos to the BBFC for rating before publishing on YouTube and Vevo's channels.

The changes mean YouTube will start putting 18-rated videos behind its age gate disclaimer, which... probably won't make a difference or change a thing. The idea being that parents able or willing to see the screen their kids are looking at might now know they're watching something a bit dodgy and with too many bottoms in it, although most mums and dads are probably too busy looking at their own streams of bottoms on their own devices to notice.

The only video to be required to display the "Partner Rating: 18" text so far is Dizzee Rascal's Couple of Stacks, which doesn't have any bottoms or pubic mounds in it but does show Dizzee killing lots of people and swearing in a not particularly ironic fashion. [BPI]