Amazon Underground Promises "Actually Free" Free Games Without In-app Purchases

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon's launched a new parallel arm of its standalone Android Appstore, one that takes loads of previously paid and freemium titles and adds them to a listing promising they're "Actually Free" -- and removes all fees for in-game purchases too.

If you already have the Amazon Appstore on your phone there's now a separate tab advertising the portal and providing a link to download the Amazon Underground app. Do this and you have the alternative app shop where everything on the Underground side is free to install on your device, with Amazon promising that all in-app items for the games included are also set to free.


It will be of particular use for those with children who are allowed to have/use phones and tablets to amuse themselves, as it means there's now an app store section populated with "free" things they can download, plus there's no terror that your next credit card statement is going to have 24 £69.99 in-app purchases on it for pretend hay/coins/bananas.

The app is a direct download only, with Amazon offering to email a link to your phone from the Amazon Underground site. Sadly it contains a tab to paid apps, almost as if it's little more than a Trojan horse to get it in the hands of unsupervised children with an active login and associated adult credit card. [Amazon Underground]