Analytics Data Appears to Confirm the iPad Pro's Resolution

By Tom Pritchard on at

Word of an iPad Pro has been floating around the internet for a ridiculously long time, with no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. We're still hearing bits and pieces of information trickle out through the rumour mill, and this time it appears to be confirming something we've known for a while.

The logs of a data analytics firm reveal something called an 'iPad 6,8' with a resolution of 2732×2048. It's not the iPad Air 2, because that has a resolution of 2048×1536. That means unless Apple is planning on giving this year's iPad refresh a small boost (which is very likely, I'll admit), this looks like it might belong to the long awaited iPad Pro.

If you need a bit of extra convincing, that resolution would leave a 12.9-inch device with a PPI of 263 — which just so happens to be the benchmark for Apple's much-talked-about Retina display.

We're coming up to nearly two years since the iPad Pro was first rumoured to be in production, and still we're haven't heard a peep about the device from Apple. Will we finally see it this year? Who knows. A different kind of iPad makes some sense if Apple is going to try and combat declining tablet sales.

I, for one, would like it to be revealed so we can stop speculating and carry on worrying about all those ever-so-important Apple TV rumours. [9to5Mac via Ubergizmo]