Android Wear Now Works With the iPhone

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember last week when we caught a glimpse of the new Huawei Smartwatch that ran Android Wear and supposedly worked with iOS? Turns out that wasn't just wishful thinking, because Google has just announced that Android Wear is now compatible with everyone's favourite fruit-branded mobile phone.

That means smartwatch fans with iPhones aren't just restricted to a Pebble, Apple Watch, or other small-time smartwatch brands. The whole world of Android Wear is opening up to them, and just in time for the new announcements at IFA.

Google hasn't been entirely clear about how the apps side of things will work, just that you'll be able to get notifications from "your favourite apps". What we do know is that the watches paired with an iPhone will still support Google Now, and the mention of fitness makes it sound like Google Fit will also be around.

Google announced that as of today the LG Watch Urbane will be compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus as long as they're running iOS 8.2+. It did confirm that all future Android Wear smartwatches will be iPhone compatible, specifically mentioning Asus, Huawei, and Motorola.

Android Wear on iOS? Suddenly the Apple Watch looks a lot less appealing. [Google]