Apple Could Be About To Finally Update Apple TV

By James O Malley on at

Apple isn't just going to announce the iPhone 6S on the 9th September, the company is going to announce an upgraded Apple TV platform, according to reports.

TechCrunch claims that Apple will show off a new Apple TV device, powered by the company's latest A8 chip. It will also come with a new remote, combining physical buttons with a touchpad, microphone (for Siri), and even Wii-style accelerometer controls.

Apple apparently plans to turn Apple TV into a platform for third party developers, just as it did with the iPhone. This means apps and games to expand the new device's functionality. The speculation is that Apple could make a play to be the "good enough" home games system for people who want to play casual games - leaving it to the PS4 and Xbox One to duke it out over the hardcore gamers.

Perhaps most significantly though if TechCrunch is to be believed we could see Apple using its market power to humble broadcasters and streaming providers into aggregating their catalogues for universal search. In other words, if you have Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and BBC iPlayer apps on your Apple TV, you'll be able to search and play shows in all three from one common interface. The suggestion is that this Apple TV reveal has been delayed from last June's WWDC to give Apple more time to negotiate this feature with content providers, and polish the software.

An update for Apple TV is long overdue, with the existing hardware and software having remained the same for several years now - but this could all be set to change in 12 days time. [TechCrunch]