Apple Denies MVNO SIM-selling Rumours

By Gary Cutlack on at

The US tech giant has decided to directly address an internet rumour for once, telling the world that yesterday's supposed fact about it launching a mobile network of its own at some point in the future was not true.

Speaking of the rumour that it is or perhaps was in discussions with US and EU networks about assembling and launching an Apple-branded MVNO it said: "We have not discussed nor do we have any plans to launch an MVNO."

Which is quite the firm denial, although to say it's never even discussed the option is clearly a bit of an exaggeration. Surely Jony and Tim must've had a brief chat about it over a low-carb canteen meal at some point, even if it was dismissed out of hand as a rubbish idea?

And given Apple's love of charging over the odds for things, it's probably the best. It's unlikely that an Apple MVNO would be competing with Tesco Mobile or Lebara down at the £7.50 end of the PAYG SIM market, plus it would be impossible to make any of its usual quality claims were it to be simply reselling EE or Three's spectrum as its own. [Reuters via Wired]