Apple May Launch its Own Mobile Network in, Say, 2021

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours are saying that Apple could be about to launch its own mobile network at some point in the future, with the tech giant apparently talking to existing mobile networks around the world about the technicalities involved in launching an Apple-branded MVNO.

It sounds like Apple is taking the concept Google recently put out there with its Project Fi initiative and making it more widespread. The rumour is that Apple is relatively far along with plans for a mobile network in the US, with Business Insider quoting sources saying that it is "privately trialling an MVNO service in the US" right now, and in talks with UK and European networks about making a similar scheme work over here.

Don't go expecting to bin your £8.99 Tesco Mobile SIM any time soon, though, as the Apple network deal is apparently one of Apple's back-burner long-term dreams, unlikely to materialise for at least five years. That Apple is looking at forging MVNO deals is apparently an open secret in the mobile network business, so Apple is presumably dropping the idea in as a "One more thing..." during its meetings with networks about the iCloud Voicemail thing it's currently asking tech teams to support. [Business Insider]