Apple Wants Siri to Become Your New Office Receptionist

By Gerald Lynch on at

In a technological twist that would have seen both American and UK versions of The Office require major rewrites had they aired a few years later, Apple is reportedly looking at ways to establish its Siri voice assistant as a viable replacement for a human workplace receptionist.

Ringing the death knell for budding Dawn/Tim, Pam/Jim office romances around the globe, Business Insider describes the plan as an evolution of Apple's visual voicemail service, with the company referring to it as iCloud Voicemail. Siri comes in as an alternative to a pre-recorded message if you can't take a call, providing certain contacts with where you are and why you can't answer, should you chose to offer that information. Any voice message left by the caller would then be beamed to Apple's servers, where it'd be transcribed into text, ready for you to check at your convenience later on.

Apple visual voicemail service currently only works with network support, so it's not clear yet if Apple's invasion of the office would require similar deals to be cut. As someone who hates checking both his work  and personal voicemail though, the thought of having little searchable text snippets transcribed form messages would be very useful.

Already said to be in testing by Apple employees, iCloud Voicemail could roll out to all users (business or otherwise) by 2016, likely thrown in to whatever is planned for the big iOS 10 update. With Siri increasingly seen as the lesser service (especially in the UK) when compared to Google Now and Cortana (Cortana's uptake is expected to skyrocket thanks to integration with Windows 10, too), Apple will need to add big features like this to Siri to ensure it remains relevant.

As for those currently searching for receptionist jobs, now may be the time to start branching out and widening your workplace experience...[Business Insider]