BBC Forecasts End of Weather Partnership With the Met Office

By Gerald Lynch on at

Living in the UK, you could argue that a weather forecast is a bit of a redundant report to begin with – whether it's the middle of July or the start of February, you're always going to need an umbrella and an extra layer of clothing handy. But the BBC is still shaking up its weather reporting output all the same, with the announcement that it's bringing a 93-year partnership with the Met Office to an end.

The Met Office currently rains down all the weather-tracking info that the BBC uses in its television reports and apps, but will cease to be the broadcaster's provider when the current contract dries up. Calling the news "disappointing", the Met Office will only be called upon by the Beeb for severe weather warning updates in the future.

The BBC claims the change is not to do with accuracy, but rather finances, and is looking into filling the data gap with support from the MeteoGroup from the Netherlands and/or Metra from New Zealand. Interestingly, a Telegraph report cites the Met Office's poor app development as among the reasoning for the BBC's change of heart, suggesting that it may be looking to further cut costs by shifting development of its own stellar weather app to a third party. [Met Office via Engadget]

Image Credit: Happy rainy season from Shutterstock