BT Offering Rare Opportunity to Visit the BT Tower

By James O Malley on at

In London there are lots of tall buildings to climb as a tourist: The Shard is the obvious one, but there's also Monument to climb, and if you're smart it is even possible to climb Big Ben. But there is one elusive height that's near impossible to access: The BT Tower.

So it is rather exciting that to celebrate its 50th birthday, BT is selling tickets to let regular punters see the rooftops of London from Marylebone-ish on the 30th October.

Londonist reports that £50 will get you a 'flight' to the 34th floor, as well as a glass of wine and a "sweat treat" to eat whilst up where the revolving restaurant used to be.

The Tower is 177m tall and was opened in 1964 - until recent years it was adorned with microwave aerials for sending phone and TV signals around the country, but these were removed when rendered obsolete by the march of technology.

Don't worry about your fifty quid simply subsidising BT's often frustrating broadband services too, as the money is all in aid of a good cause. The company is raising money for RedR, which trains people to work in disaster areas.

Tickets are on sale now. [Londonist]