Busted Widnes Vodka Factory Had 130,000 Litres of Fake Booze

By Gary Cutlack on at

That machine there is somehow involved in the fakery of vodka, with the HMRC claiming it was found in a factory in Widnes – along with 130,000 litres of fake booze that would've enabled its makers to literally steal £1.7m from the tax fund of the nation.

The vodka was "potentially toxic" according to the HMRC seeing as it was cooked up in a warehouse presumably outside of the usual health and hygiene laws by men reading how to do it on Reddit, with the tax cops discovering over one hundred 1,000-litre tanks of booze that was believed to have been cooked up to order on two interconnected stills.

And this was no ground level fakery. The alcohol was found alongside a stash of labels describing it as 1 Imperial Vodka Blue and some accompanying blue bottle tops, so the manufacturers were clearly aiming for the classy end of the market.

HMRC's Sandra Smith said: "As well as potentially risking the lives of people drinking the fake alcohol, this factory had the capacity to rob taxpayers of millions of pounds in unpaid duty; money which should be spent on vital public services. People buying the counterfeit vodka may have thought they were getting a bargain, but it has been distilled in unregulated conditions and may pose a serious health risk." [HMRC via The Grocer]

Image credit: Flickr