Catalyst Announces Waterproof Apple Watch Case

By James O Malley on at

Accessory maker Catalyst has announced what is thought to be the first waterproof case for the Apple Watch.

Apple Insider reports that the case meets or exceeds IP68 standards, which means it is both dustproof and can survive immersion up to 3m. It also meets US military standards for being drop proof, so if you want to wear your watch in a war zone this could be the case to get.

The makers also claim that the case still enables full access to the touchscreen, as well as the digital crown and even the heartbeat sensor and charger. What isn't clear is whether any of these features will still work underwater - but we're guessing... no. But at least your watch will be protected.

Apparently there are also ports in the case for microphone and speaker access so you can continue voice calls whilst your watch is entombed too. And you'll have to use the nylon strap provided rather than one of your own, as the original strap connectors are unavailable.

The watch will be available in three colour combinations for 42mm watches and below: all black, white housing with green controls, or grey housing with red controls. When it ships in November it'll be $59.99, which works out as about £40. [Apple Insider]