Celebrate 20 Years of Windows 95 With This Browser-Based Version

By Gerald Lynch on at

Windows 10? Pfff. These whippersnappers don't even know they're born. In my day we'd be firing up Windows 95, dancing to the crackle of the dial-up connection, trawling the (limited) delights of OG Wikipedia Encarta and marvelling at the sight of this new thing called a Start Menu.

Yes, the Start Menu, that oh-so-often requested headline feature of Windows 10 was brought to life in Windows 95, which today celebrates its 20th birthday. Happy birthday Windows 95! Roll back the years over at VirtualDesktop.org, which lets you revisit the pivotal operating system within a browser window on any machine  – even a Mac. And, while you're on that (let's admit it – sure to be painful) trip down memory lane, check out the Windows 98 emulator, and resurrect the horror that was Clippy... [Virtual Desktop]