CityMapper Now Tells You The Best Place to Sit On the Tube

By James O Malley on at

Journey planning app CityMapper has added a new feature that will tell you the best carriage to get on to on the London Underground to ensure a swift exit at the other end.

Announcing the new feature in a blog post the company says that it is one of the most requested features from the app, which in the latest update now displays a little diagram of a train highlighting the correct carriage to climb aboard.

The company has admitted that its data is imperfect - unlike stuff like Tube schedules and bus timetables, Transport for London is almost certainly not supplying this information so it is instead relying on crowdsourcing to ensure that its data is accurate. The new feature should also apparently work on cities in the app other than London too.

CityMapper isn't actually the first app to offer this functionality. Older apps such as the simply titled Tube Exits have been available for a number of years. In fact, Tube nerd Geoff Marshall, who is the creator rival Tube app Station Master has already raised questions about the accuracy of CityMapper's data:


Given that CityMapper is more widely used than the existing apps it'll be interesting to see what sort of impact offering this sort of data has on travellers. If CityMapper is spilling the tube secrets to hundreds of thousands of new people, could we soon see certain Underground carriages constantly rammed whilst others remain empty?