Cold Turkey BBC Withdrawal Experiment Has Users Begging to Pay Licence Fee

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bizarre deprivation experiment designed to show how much people like and enjoy the BBC has shown exactly how much people like and enjoy the BBC, with a sample audience who took on the challenge of living BBC-less for a while finding their lives less fulfilled and social interactions made tougher thanks to having to rely on useless ITV weather forecasts.

The findings, reported in the Radio Times, claim that over two-thirds of ballsy people who thought they could live without the BBC changed their minds at the end of the nine-day trial, with those previously averse to paying the  £145.50 licence fee suddenly thinking it might actually be a Good Thing.

Sales manager Mike O'Donnell clearly came up with the best soundbites about his short time without the BBC, saying: "The weather on ITV is Mickey Mouse. You can tell that the person who’s reading it doesn’t understand it. Whereas when you watch it on the BBC they clearly know what they’re talking about and put the script together from the research they've done."

The study was paid for by the BBC, mind, so when it quotes people in the test as saying things like "It was shocking in that we realised how much we did watch BBC programmes" and "I think we just took it for granted" there is some sort of agenda lurking under the surface. [Radio Times]