Conmen Stole £36k by Taking out 190 Phone Contracts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two men had an idea for a modern get rich quick scheme. They took out 190 individual mobile phone contracts through Carphone Warehouse using fake names and addresses, with no intention of honouring the contracts so they could keep and sell the phones for a £36k profit.

Over an eight-month period they signed up for numerous monthly contracts, giving fake details to staff when applying for deals in person at shops, a scam you'd think would fail at the address or credit check stage, but apparently not. They even took advantage of the cashback deals offered on the phone chain's SIM-only deals, taking out the contracts, applying for the cash, and thinking – erroneously in hindsight – they were onto a winner.

Sadly for them, though, Andrew Adu-Addai and Thomas Koroma didn't get away with it. They've been found guilty and both face jail, wherein they'll be lucky to see a Nokia 6610. [Court News]

Image credit: Mobile phones from Shutterstock