"Da Pinchi Code" May Lead Burglars to Your Well-Stocked Shed

By Gary Cutlack on at

Police in Warwickshire are warning locals to be on the lookout for suspicious road marking outside their houses, as more evidence of an underground code used by thieves to tag houses emerges.

Warwickshire police explained: "Police have been receiving calls in relation to suspicious markings being left outside properties in Bedworth. The markings have been appearing overnight and in all 7 current cases the paint itself is luminous therefore glowing in the dark once the street lights have gone out."

They link the markings to the so-called Da Pinchi Code, a method of marking houses that have been scoped out for their burglary worthiness. Warwickshire police say there are many marking in use, saying: "These type of codes and symbols are being left outside properties indicating different things about the property and/or its occupants, for example: Occupants on holiday, expensive vehicle, vulnerable occupant, alarmed, burgled before, has a dog, good target," and so one.

The image atop the page comes from Lanarkshire police, which was convinced enough of the burglar code's voracity to post a warning on social media earlier this year, so it might be worth tagging your own house as "nothing worth stealing" once a fortnight, just to be on the safe side. [Warwickshire police via Independent]