Dr Dre's New Album is Exclusive to Apple Music & iTunes

By James O Malley on at

Apple has announced that Compton: A Soundtrack, the new album by Dr Dre, will be available for streaming exclusively through iTunes and Apple Music.

The new album accompanies the NWA biopic film Straight Outa Compton, which is due for release in British cinemas at the end of the month. The album will be available for listening exclusively on Apple Music from 2am on Friday morning UK time until it is officially 'released' (whatever that means anymore) at 5pm UK time on Friday. The separate download will be exclusively available through iTunes, of course.

As Engadget notes, the album is the first high-profile Apple Music exclusive, and given that Dre now works for Apple since the company bought Beats last year, we shouldn't be too surprised.

What could be slightly worrying for music fans is that perhaps the album could signal the start of an exclusivity arms race between streaming music providers (especially Apple Music and Spotify): At the moment blanket deals with the record labels cover the overwhelming majority of artists meaning that roughly the same catalogues are available on all major services, but it is perhaps easy to imagine Spotify responding by inking an exclusive deal with other artists to keep them off of Apple's platform.

Apple Music launched on the 30th June to huge fanfare - and Apple's promise of a free, three month trial to users. However, we found it ultimately a bit disappointing. And that isn't even considering the weird radio station Apple launched with it. [Engadget]