Dreamcast Sales ROCKET to 1999 Levels in Wake of Shenmue III Announcement

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Dreamcast is seeing a dramatic uprise in sales according to word from surviving independent game shops out on the high street, with interest in the once beloved niche games machine leaping due to the announcement of Shenmue III.

People, it would seem, remember Sega's chunky machine. Probably because it was the best console ever apart from the Mega Drive, but that's already been extensively covered by the internet so we'll not go over it again.

According to Alex Bowness from Level Up Games in Canterbury, Dreamcast is the must-have console of the moment among retro enthusiasts, telling MCV that: "We sold 20 Dreamcasts in the last week alone. All of sudden, people are asking where they can play the original two Shenmue games. The announcement of Shenmue III really piqued everyone’s interest."

MCV also spoke to Welsh indie game shop Retrobution, with manager David James-Turvey saying Dreamcast's modern day mini spike gives him hope for a future in which the only games aren't CoD and FIFA, explaining: "I've had more customers hyped about Shenmue III than Call of Duty, and I am glad there are gamers out there like this, because it proves that gaming is not as disposable as other forms of entertainment." [MCV]