EE TV Updates With Companion Screen, Social Sharing and Mobile Stream Grabbing

By Gary Cutlack on at

EE TV, the on-demand, catch-up, streaming, smartphone, tablet and actual live TV TV system is getting a large update later this month, one, inevitably, themed around enhanced personalisation options that line up potential shows for all of the device's separate users.

It'll be called, also somewhat inevitably, My TV, a new part of the default home screen that lets the system serve recommendations. You watched Come Dine With Me repeats for five straight hours yesterday, so perhaps you might like to do that same again today so here's a link to More4, you loser, is how we imagine it might suggest activities.

In fact, EE says exactly how the new stuff works, explaining: "The service is designed to provide a completely personalised TV experience for each individual user and is divided into three sections: My Programmes, My Channels and My Photos & Videos. The first two sections allow each user to select their favourite TV shows or channels, and quickly identify exactly what content is available for them to enjoy there and then. In addition to live programming, the feature will also give instant access to any recordings of the user’s favourites, collating all relevant programmes in one convenient place."

The update also includes an option EE calls Fetch. This lets mobile device viewers effectively grab a copy of the stream or recorded content currently playing on the "main" TV and continue watching elsewhere. Ideal if a rude bit's about to come up and you want to enjoy it in private. Plus there's a new Companion Screen for app users, to stream in additional info about what's currently on -- and let viewers spam friends with details via a social media sharing tool.

All the changes should appear on August 25, should you have the required EE contracts and live in one of its unbundled broadband or fibre zones. [EE TV]