Digital Games and Goods to Have One Price Across Europe, If EU Gets Its Way

By James O Malley on at

The European Commission is proposing new laws which will create a single European "digital single market", meaning that the price you pay on the app store could be the same whether you're in Britain or any of the other 27 EU countries.

According to MCV the move would also mean that retailers can't limit the availability of services to specific regions: So if you can buy an app in Germany, it'll have to be available in Lithuania too.

As MCV notes, the new law could apply to many of the digital stores we regularly use, including Xbox Live, Playstation Store, and Steam - and we can presumably add the likes of Google Play and the Apple App store to this list.

The move could be a good one for consumers as it means different countries won't get ripped off relative to each other. What isn't clear though is how the new laws would effect licensing agreements over content. While games are generally sold by the same company all over, what about TV shows? What if the rights to a show (like the Olympics) have been sold or sub-licensed to specific providers in different countries? [MCV]