Fantastic Four 2 Will, Somehow, Still be Made Despite Flop

By Gerald Lynch on at

Fantastic Four 2, in which Galactus (hopefully) just comes down and eats everyone within the first five minutes, will still be made despite the recent release of the first rebooted FF film being a fantastic flop.

A critical and financial bomb, it seems studio Fox is still hell bent on reviving the...ahem...doomed property, even if its original plans for a 2017 sequel are stalled.

Source speaking to Hitflix have suggested that "the studio will move forward with a Fantastic Four sequel," though [...]it may not make that original 2017 date". Director Josh Trank, who has publically distanced himself from the film, is "unlikely" to return, though the sequel could retain the sombre tone he set. Indeed, if there's going to be any coherence between this and future Fantastic Four films, they'd have to adhere to some of the rules Trank laid down. But at least put some shorts on The Thing, right?

fantastic four 2

Earlier in the week, Fox had stated it was committed to the franchise, but with scathing reviews still coming in, you'd have to wonder if it won't just hand back the rights to Marvel / Disney and be done with it. It's not exactly making money. Currently, Fantastic Four is up there with the worst-rated superhero films of all time, having Rotten Tomato and Metacritic scores of just 9 per cent and 27 per cent respectively. That puts it on a par with the godawful Catwoman film with Halle Berry, and worse than even the mid 00s Fantastic Four films for which this was meant to save us from. [Hitfix]