French Woman Gets Court to Agree She Has an Electromagnetic Radiation Allergy

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who claim to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity are enjoying a moment of international validation right now, thanks to a French court agreeing to grant disabled status to a woman who says she experiences discomfort when around modern things like routers, phones, computer displays and men with beards talking about Chvrches*.

Frenchwoman Marine Richard -- who lives in a remote rural spot without electricity to keep away from such modern things with their signals and invisible rays -- says she's been suffering with an allergy to gadgetry for years and to such an extent that it's ruined her life. The court has agreed despite the difficulty in producing any physical evidence that the phenomenon exists, granting her a disability allowance of €800 (£590) per month for the next three years.

The court decision doesn't quite go far enough to classify electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a proper physical ailment, though -- it simply agrees that Richard appears to suffer from it to such an extent that it affects her ability to work in today's modern world. Her lawyer claims it sets a precedent that could open the doors for thousands of other apparent sufferers to come forward, while Richard says it's a breakthrough for those who get mysteriously tetchy around gadgetry. [Wired]