GiffGaff Adds 4G as Standard to Next-gen PAYG Goodybags

By Gary Cutlack on at

Everyone's favourite SIM seller is having another rejig of its bundle options to ensure they best fit in with the mobile network dataspace of 2015 and beyond, revealing that from September all of its data-enabled SIMs will let users connect to 4G networks should they live in or occasionally pass through such powerful electrosmog zones.

The reworked bundles start at £5 for 100MB of data should you be housebound and permanently attached to a Wi-Fi signal, with the key change for most users being the doubling of included minutes on the mid-tier £15 SIM, so customers with their own phone get a decent 1000 calling minutes and 4GB of 4G-ready data as part of the deal.

GiffGaff enthusiasts will no doubt be annoyed that the change sees some of the cheaper 3G options with greater data allowances disappear, with its popular £12 3G choice and its 3GB of data replaced by a new £12 4G SIM that offers 2GB of data. So that's less data for a faster connection.

The "unlimited" wording has also gone too, being replaced by an "always on" data allowance on the network's top-end £20 SIM. This apparently means the first 6GB is delivered without restriction, but burn through that on a late-night HD media-streaming marathon and you're dumped on a throttled connection that restricts downloads speed between 8:00am and midnight. [GiffGaff via Coolsmartphone]