God Help Samsung if the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Keyboard Cover is Real

By Gerald Lynch on at

This. What. Is. This?

Samsung's latest round of flagships really saw the company turn a corner, with the S6 and S6 Edge dialling back the bloatware and delivering stunning hardware to boot. So good, in fact that we crowned the Galaxy S6 the best phone money can currently buy. But if this latest leak concerning its rumoured-to-be-launching Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is real, it seems the effort may have sent the Galaxy design team crazy.

Serial leaker Evan "@EvLeaks" Blass shared this monstrosity to his Twitter followers, claiming that it's a leaked image of a keyboard case set to accompany the revamped, larger Galaxy S6 Edge. Seemingly a slider accessory, it channels the BlackBerry physical keyboards of old – something that few have requested in the last five years. It looks like a relic, but with the S6 Edge Plus reportedly measuring 5.7 inches, who knows? Perhaps this really is the most comfortable way to tap out a one-handed sext.

Samsung's got a media showcase scheduled for August 13th this week, so it is looking like we won't have to wait long to find out if this beast is real. In addition, the company is also expected to launch the Galaxy Note 5. I suppose you can't just throw a stylus in with everything. [@Evleaks]