Google Now iPhone App Made Even Smarter

By James O Malley on at

Google Now, Google's Siri-style personal assistant can now be triggered by saying "OK Google" at any point whilst using Google's search app, following a new update.

UberGizmo reports that you no longer have to press the speak button, but can simply say "OK Google" at any point. Google also says that it has added a deeper level of contextual searching so, for example, you can say "Where was he born?" whilst reading a page about Shakespeare say, and Google will know who you are referring to.

Sadly the app isn't quite as convenient as the Android version, which can be triggered at any time whilst using your phone. Because of the different level of OS integration, you still need to manually select the Google app on iPhone.

The update has also made it easier to copy and paste from anywhere in the app. You can grab the app here. [UberGizmo]