Hacker Couple Demonstrate Sniper Rifle Wi-Fi Hack

By James O Malley on at

You know the future is a weird time to live when it turns out that hackers can take control of a gun.

That's right: at the Black Hat hacking conference in Vegas researchers Michael Auger and Runa Sandvik have demonstrated how they managed to hack into a $13,000 TrackingPoint TP 750 sniper rifle. Yes, it turns out that even guns can connect to you Wi-Fi now.

The reason the gun is packed with circuitry is that it is supposed to help you aim - enabling even the crappiest markspersons to ensure their shots are on target, but what the couple found was they were able to take control of aiming by adjusting bullet weights and wind calculations, or even prevent the gun from firing entirely.

It apparently took them a year to take the gun apart and figure out where the vulnerabilities were.

Perhaps the really good news though is that the gun still cannot be fired remotely - it needs someone to pull the trigger. So there's no need to get too paranoid yet, though it does demonstrate an added danger with smart weapons of the future. The other good news is that the gun can only be hacked locally, so at the moment there's no risk of someone hacking in from somewhere else in the world.

The hacking conference is still underway and has led to some extraordinary stories - including the hacking of a Tesla, and the potential for fingerprint scanners to harvest fingerprint data. [ABC and USA Today]