Has Star Wars: Force Awakens' (or Rogue One) Ending Just Been Spoiled by a UK Government Minister?

By James O Malley on at

Everyone at LucasFilm and Disney will currently have their mouths welded shut to stop any Star Wars spoilers from getting out... but it appears that a government Treasury Minister may have just blabbed a massive spoiler for the ending. Maybe.

Spoiler warning, maybe. We don't know, but better safe than sorry.

David Gauke, who is the Conservative MP for South West Hertfordshire and Financial Secretary to the Treasury tweeted this morning about making a ministerial visit to Pinewood Studios, where the new Star Wars films are being made. It seems we should not underestimate the power of the dark side, or a loose-lipped politician...


Wait... did he say the Death Star? So far despite all of the talk around the new film, this is the first we've heard about the Galactic Empire's super-weapon in connection with the Force Awakens. Has Gauke inadvertently spoiled what would be a dramatic reveal in the third act of the film?

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Of course, he could be mistaken and it could have been another set. Perhaps he mistook a moon for the craft? Or indeed it could be more closely connected to Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One, a spin-off film that is due out at the end of next year, and has a story that is thought to centre around a plot to steal plans for the original Death Star (in a nice parallel with A New Hope.)

So perhaps the set was being prepared to shoot that instead? The last time we saw the Death Star in Star Wars chronology leading up to The Force Awakens was when it exploded in Return of the Jedi.

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OR, it could be a leftover Force Awakens set. Our Jedi-mind powers are working full blast here. So did David Gauke ruin Star Wars for everyone? We find his lack of secrecy disturbing.