Have You Ever Worked At a Cutthroat Company Like Amazon?

By Kaila Hale-Stern on at

Following a damning report on Amazon’s workplace culture, many people are questioning whether it’s ethical to keep buying from the mega-retailer. But in comments on our article about Amazon, some Gizmodians don’t sound surprised about the conditions — they’d experienced the same. Tell us about your workplace horrors.

As our very own Adam Clark-Estes points out, Bezos’ widely reported statement came across as basically telling his employees to fall in line or GTFO. While there’s a lot of outraged commentary about the alleged conditions at Amazon (crying employees, emails and texts coming in after midnight, yearly “social Darwinism” culls of staff who didn’t cut it, a system to rat out and report your fellows) some of you greeted these revelations with a resounding “meh”.

Do the conditions described by the Times strike you as “bruising,” or is this par for the course in tech and other industries? If Amazon’s ethos sounded familiar to you, describe what you’ve endured in the comments. Or if you have worked for Amazon itself, let rip.

And have some cats hugging, in advance:

Have You Ever Worked At a Cutthroat Company Like Amazon?