Here's Some Unseen Artwork From an Undeveloped Jurassic Park Cartoon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Did you know that back in the '90s Universal was planning a cartoon based onĀ Jurassic Park? Me neither, and before the idea got scrapped they actually hired an artist to throw together some concept art. It's pretty good!

The programme was supposed to be a sequel to the film, carrying on the stories of the characters who survived Dennis Nedry screwing up the entire park out of greed. Cartoons based on movies are almost never good, but Universal apparently wasn't marketing it towards children.

That's according to William Stout, the artist who was brought in to create the concept art for the show. According to him Universal wanted this to be something suitable for the whole family, but that the focus was on developing a mature prime time show with TVs top writers. It was supposed to be made using a mixture of animation and digital effects to achieve a 'graphic novel look'.

Development went so far as to create a trailer for the programme, but it ended up missing one essential element: the approval of Steven Spielberg. Sadly Spielberg wasn't up for it, and the idea was scrapped. Stout has suggested that Spielberg's weariness over merchandising played a part in the decision. It's a shame it never came to be, but then again at least we didn't end up with something truly abhorrent like Back to the Future: The Animated Series.

Stout's concepts are currently viewable on his website, just scroll through to see what the show might have been. [Gamesradar+]