Apple Beats 1 Radio Loves Hip-Hop, Hates the Blues

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research into the most popular genres played on Apple's Beats 1 radio service suggests it's become one enormous hip hop baseline echo chamber, with the hip hop/rap selection receiving the most plays by far. And it turns out most people listen to music at the weekend.

No wait, most people listen to The Weeknd, who is apparently a modern artist, one who's beating Drake to be the most popular person or band or whatever he/it is on Apple's live radio service. The stats come via Quartz, which claims to have analysed data that maps the names of the 12,000 or so songs played via Apple's Beats 1 live radio channel over a one month period and broken them down by genre.

The rather wide "Alternative" genre is second, Electronic third, R&B fourth and Pop a distant fifth. Here's the artist data. You have to scroll a very long way down before getting to the Pet Shop Boys. In fact, I'm still scrolling:

The man responsible for the data-stripping tool has also coded a Twitter bot, one that tells followers what's currently playing on Beats 1, so you can be happy you're listening to something old you actually like instead of self-consciously edgy music from artists currently benefiting from the biggest marketing budgets. [Quartz via 9to5Mac]