How to Watch Today's Samsung Unpacked Event

By James O Malley on at

Tonight's the night! Samsung is holding its latest "Unpacked" press conference later today, where it is widely expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - a successor to last year's Galaxy Note 4.

To watch the live stream of the unveiling, head over to the Samsung Unpacked website. The stream begins at 4pm today UK time.

We're fairly confident that the Note 5 will be the big announcement later as it has been the subject of tonnes of leaks and rumours.

Essentially, we're expecting a fairly similar device to last time around - as rumours are pointing towards retaining the 5.66" AMOLED screen running at 2K resolution, though the suggestion is that the processor could be getting a speed boost and RAM could be pushed up to 4GB.

The rear camera is also expected to be the same - staying at 16MP. The front-camera will boosted to 5MP if we're lucky though. There are also rumours that the battery will be increased to 4100mAh - which is one of the largest batteries (capacity-wise) we've ever seen in a phone.

Wilder rumours point to a switch to USB-C for charging (rather than more traditional Micro-USB) and a built-in fingerprint/heartrate scanner, as is fast becoming standard for Samsung devices.

We'll hopefully find out for sure at 4pm. So tune in then, and check back with Giz for updates too!