Julian Assange May Walk Out of His Ecuadorian Self-Jail

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours from those associated with the Wikileaks group claim that Assange might be hogging the headlines again soon, with the international sex crime allegations fugitive apparently ready to leave his diplomatic hidey-hole and face... whatever happens next.

The news comes thanks to quotes from Swedish authorities, who say that three of the four charges placed against Assange are about to expire under a five-year statute of limitations time limit the country has in place, meaning that Assange will rather fortunately find himself automatically cleared of most of the sexual assault charges he faced.

That could clear the way for Assange to do a deal that avoids prosecution on the fourth claim -- rape -- a crime he's not been technically charged with seeing as he's only really wanted in Sweden for questioning over what happened back in 2010. Rape has a ten year time limit, though, so he could end up staying in London's Ecuadorian embassy until 2020 -- a pretty grim way of avoiding repercussions.

In short, he might be on the news again soon. We can only wonder what kind of hairstyle he's going to debut this time. Perhaps it's time for an austere shaved head that mirrors the gravity of the situation and shows he's not been combing his mane, trimming his beard and practising his sad, "why is it always me?" face in front of a mirror for the benefit of the global media. [News.com]