Kim Jong-un is Preparing to Go to War

By Tom Pritchard on at

Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, has put his military on alert, threatening "indiscriminate strikes" on the southern part of Korea. He has declared that the south has 48 hours to meet his demands, or face further military action.

So what exactly are his demands? He wants South Korea to stop broadcasting propaganda across the North Korean border, and end its "psychological warfare" against the country's people. The warning comes after the two countries exchanged artillery fire across the border on Thursday, and the deadline is set to expire at 5pm on Sunday. Until then his forces were in a 'quasi state of war'.

The exchange was caused by Kim Jong-un's threat to destroy speakers that broadcast incredibly loud anti-North Korea propaganda across the southern side of the Korean border. The recommencement of the tactic was due to two South Korean soldiers being injured by a landmine during a patrol. The exchange of fire started when North Korea fired a single artillery shell across the border, followed by several more 20 minutes later. South Korea responded by firing dozens of rounds back, after which the hostility ceased.

As you might expect North Korea denied ever firing at the South at first, and both sides confirmed nobody was injured.

Kim Jong-uns threats mimic those from the past, usually made to coincide with South Korea's annual joint military exercise with the US. The two countries say that the drills are for defensive purposes, but Pyonyang remains adamant that its training for a future invasion,

In response to the threats South Korea put its military forces on high alert, but confirmed that the loudspeaker broadcasts would be continuing regardless. [The Guardian]