Lego Nutcase Builds Enormous Episode VII Jakku Star Destroyer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Of all the shots in the second new Star Wars trailer that appeared such a long, long time ago in internet years, the crashed Star Destroyer was by far the most thrilling and evocative. It was almost enough to make some people believe that Star Wars could be good again, and encouraged a man to make his own personal tribute to the brief moment... in Lego.

Lego fan KevFett2011 – presumably a man called Kevin who signed up to Flickr in the year 2011 – has uploaded some photos of his impressive DIY build to the social imaging site. The work in progress gallery gives us an idea of the scale of the project, showing that it's nearly as wide as a standard human wardrobe -- and that Mr Fett has access to entire cardboard boxes full of individual colour Lego bricks to ease and speed production.


Kev says there's approximately 12,000 bricks used in the build, most of which were tan coloured as you can well imagine. He's previously made a Darth Vader helmet that wasn't quite as impressive. His next job has to be a Death Star that takes up the entire living room, if he can get enough dark grey bits. [Flickr via Brothers Brick]