Lego Should Make This Custom Fan-Made Groot An Official Minifig

By Tatiana Danger on at

The Guardians of the Galaxy superheroes all seem destined for Lego fame, and I gotta say minifig artist, MikMikEternity totally outdid himself with his fully-sculpted custom Groot minifig.

Here are some specs:

The paints I used to make Groot were mainly Delta paints and Apple Barrel, and some folk art as well! The legs, arms, and body have all been extended and I really have to give credit to Logan Fulford for that idea or else I would’ve used some woody arms and legs. The sculpt job was based heavily off of the sixth scale figure, but with some edits with inspiration from Dylan (Moosefigs) and again Logan Fulford. The back was not sculpted and I just gave it a paint job, which I still like just as much and overall I love how he turned out! I think my favourite parts would either be the likeness of the face, or the legs!

For even more Lego Groot check out these adorable Groot seedlings!

I’m just spitballing here, but wouldn’t a highly-detailed MOC of the Collector’s lair be so badass?

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