LG Rumoured to Reveal World's First 4K OLED TV with HDR

By James O Malley on at

As we wait for the IFA 2015 show to kick off in Berlin on the 6th September, news has emerged that LG will be demonstrating another milestone in TV technology that is pretty acronym-tastic.

Our pals at TechRadar report that the South Korean company will be unveiling the world's first TV that uses OLED display technology (currently regarded as the best display tech going)... in 4K... (so far, so ordinary)... with added support for HDR. Gasp!

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is similar in principle to the HDR mode in many phone cameras: The idea is that it enables the picture to become more vibrant by supporting a wider range of luminescence. Essentially, blacks are going to get blacker and white are going to get whiter. Some commentators have even suggested the new tech will be more important to improving the TV experience than 4K – because 1080p HD is already good quality, we'll notice more with improvements in colour, not through being able to see every individual eyebrow hair on actors' faces.

Interestingly, three of the new models LG 65EF9500, LG 55EF9500 and LG 55EG9200 will all be flat rather than curved, going against current trends - though LG will also be making the curved LG 55EG9100 too.

However, even if you do want to pay what will no-doubt be an outrageous price for bleeding edge technology like this, there probably won't be too much to watch just yet. As TechRadar notes, only Amazon has launched an HDR service (with a very limited selection of shows), though Netflix is expected to do similar later this year. [TechRadar]