LG Shows Off its Roll-Up Keyboard

By James O Malley on at

LG has gone and invented a Bluetooth keyboard that rolls up into a stick, for easy transport.

LG's Rolly Keyboard (yes, this is the official name) is said to be "full size", though still looks a little on the titchy side to us. The idea is that you can use it with your phone or tablet on the go, before rolling it up into a neat stick that can fit in your pocket.

The company will be showing it off in full at the IFA show in Germany, which starts on the 6th September.

LG reckon the Rolly will be comfortable to use as it has a "key pitch" (horizontal spacing) of 17mm, just 1mm less than the 18mm found on regular desktop keyboards. Helpfully too, there's also a built in fold up stand to hold your tablet or phone upright.

Apparently the device is also smart enough to connect to two devices without you needing to faff about re-pairing it, and will give 3 months of use with just a single AAA battery.

The keyboard will be hitting the US in September, followed by "key markets" soon after, which surely includes the UK?