Little and Large Moto 360 2 Smartwatches Likely to Launch

By Gerald Lynch on at

That's little and large *sizes*, not limited edition timepieces from the comedy duo, FYI. Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch has been on UK shelves for almost a year now, so it's about time for a revamped edition, and it's looking likely that you'll have two different models to choose from when the Moto 360 sequel eventually is revealed.

The rumour comes from a Brazilian FCC listing (spotted by 9to5Google) that telecom company Anatel has issued. Listing a number of Motorola Mobility products and model numbers, both a "360S" and "360L" are mentioned, presumably corresponding with two different watch sizes on the way.

Anatel (an agency that regulates telecoms items in Brazil, testing for compliance) gives scant other details away about the assumed new Moto 360, but do reveal that both include Bluetooth LE, WiFi b/g/n connectivity. They also mention battery capacity for each – 270mAh in the 360S and 375mAh in the 360L (closer to the original 360's 320mAh battery). That suggests that the 360L may not be all that much bigger than the first 360, if simply taking added battery capacity into account. Pinch of salt and all that for now, but with Anatel listing similar documentation for the OG 360 pretty much a year ago to the day, that annual update cycle is ripe for harvest. [9to5Google]