London Underground Defers Launch Date of Night Tube

By Abbie Turner on at

In a move that's far more predictable than the service, London Underground (LU) has officially announced that the Night Tube will no longer be launched on 12th September.

The Night Tube will allow passengers to travel into the early hours of the morning on weekends, which is causing disagreements with staff over pay and shift patterns. LU has said that staff will not be forced into working longer hours and that they will have a choice whether they work nights or not. But as TFL won’t guarantee that the new plans won’t affect staff work/life balance in the long term the talks continue.

Despite the successful cancellation of two 24-hour strikes planned for this week and continuing talks, even if the LU and trade unions come to an agreement, there won’t be enough time to implement and communicate the plans to staff. According to LU the Night Tube plans are ready to go, but due to the disagreements they are postponing the service to ‘autumn’. We wonder which autumn...

Image Credit: Big Ben and London Underground Sign from Shutterstock