Manchester's Smart Ticketing System Fails to Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

A contract that was supposed to have delivered a ticketless contact payment system across Greater Manchester has been abandoned, after the job was deemed too complex for the original contract winner to implement fully.

Transport for Greater Manchester has torn up the deal it inked with outsourcing giant Atos back in 2012, a deal that was to have seen a contactless system known as Get Me There rolled out across the city by this summer. The card readers are there and usable by concessionary ticket holders with bus passes, but the rollout to everyone else has floundered.

TfGM and Atos released a joint statement, saying: "TfGM contracted Atos in 2012 to design, build and operate a smart ticketing system for Greater Manchester to be rolled out initially on Metrolink and with options to roll the system out subsequently to bus and rail. Although the system is currently operational for use by our 500,000 concessionary card holders, after a considerable period of delay it has become clear that Atos cannot deliver the smart ticketing system as contracted."

Hence compensation is to be paid to TfGM, plus there's now no firm date for when Manchester might finally get aboard the contactless ticketing bandwagon. [Guardian]