Messiah Jeremy Corbyn's Used Coffee Cup Sells for £51

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jeremy Corbyn -- possible political saviour and hero of many left-wing social media echo chambers -- has moved up into the higher echelons of the celebrity world since storming the race to become the next leader of the Labour party, with things the Special One has touched now offered for sale as mementos of His time among us.

In short, someone who attended on of his speeches kept a cup he drank out of and put in on eBay. They don't seem to have been joking, either, with the auction description saying: "...this is obviously aimed at a niche interest group but Jeremy handed me his empty coffee cup at tonight's gathering outside the Playhouse in Nottingham. I realise most people would have put it in the bin but I asked what would JC do and concluded that if people in need benefit, it would be ok. I hope he agrees or at least understands. So I am auctioning it to benefit Age UK Notts. If we sell for over £50 I will try and get him to sign it too."

Which is actually quite a nice thing to do, especially as it worked and the cup sold for £51, meaning someone gets a possible holy grail of the future and a charity gets a little gift. [eBay via Standard]