Microsoft Considering Electric Shock Notifications System

By Tom Pritchard on at

When your phone gets a notification you usually hear a tone or you feel it vibrate, both of which are reasonable ways of catching your attention. Microsoft has other ideas, and could involve you hearing yourself yell out because your smartwatch just gave you an electric shock.

That's according to a new patent, anyway. It details a system in where a "wearable computer has a skin-stimulating interface", and describes the process as "providing electrical stimuli to skin of a user to convey information to the user". So basically it's going to give you an electric shock when it wants to show you something, like some sort of annoying sociopathic child.

The patent describes that the system will be used to inform the user of an event, like getting an email or text message, but also suggests that the functionality could be build into clothes for reasons related to health, posture, and navigation. Man, that sounds so appealing. I can't wait for Google Maps to actively cause me pain!

This could have a some positive effects, but at the end of the day when has anyone ever decided that they like electric shocks? Thankfully it's a patent, which means there is a chance it will never see the light of day. [CNET via Ubergizmo]

Image: Man receiving an electric shock via Shutterstock (modified)