Miniature Home Lift Could Replace Stair Lifts and... Stairs

By Gary Cutlack on at

This amazing idea is the concept of UK-based company Terry Lifts, which wants to do away with stairlifts and perhaps even the outdated concept of stairs themselves by creating a simple and cheap lift you could put in the corner of a room.

All you need to do is move that old TV unit and cut a hole in the ceiling, as the freestanding Terry Lift doesn't need your usual lift shaft nonsense to support it. The high-end model is the Lifestyle Home Elevator, a device that could enable elderly people to carry on living in the four-story townhouse they bought for £100 in 1962. It might also be popular among sci-fi nerds.

John McSweeney from Terry Lifts, said: "You could describe it as a high-end chair lift. People don't want, in many cases, a chair-lift on their beautiful staircase and they don't necessarily want a lift; it's about looking at the lift for the long-term future proofing the property. And unlike a stairlift which is a permanent feature on your staircase, the lift can be sent away when you don't need it - so it's never the elephant in the room."

It can handle up to 39 stone and has a battery backup so no one gets stuck in the event of a power cut. [Terry Lifts via Reuters]