Mobile Super Mario Could Include Livestreaming Thanks to DeNA Tech

By James O Malley on at

DeNA has released a video-streaming app for Android. Called Mirrativ, the idea isn't just that you stream your face (like Periscope), but that you can stream what's on the screen of your phone... so is perhaps closer to something like Twitch.

The idea is that you can share your gameplay or other apps with the world - a video trailer for the app shows it being used to solicit shopping recommendations via the commenting system. The app also uses your phone's front-facing camera to capture your face to put in the corner of the screen too.

What makes it interesting isn't just the premise of the app, which is one of the first of its kind for Android, but is because DeNA has recently partnered with Nintendo as the company that will be helping the venerable Japanese gaming titans bring their games to mobile platforms for the first time.

So putting two and two together: Could we see this same technology implemented in Nintendo's mobile games? Could we soon be tuning in to watch gamers take on Bowser whilst waiting for a train? Or trying not to fall of Rainbow Road whilst sat in bed?

Apparently DeNA is also working on an iOS version of the app, though we imagine that streaming will have to be implemented on an app-by-app basis, as iOS doesn't allow the same deep-level of integration that a streaming app would need in order to broadcast you using other apps.

At the moment the app is only technically a public beta, with the hours you're allowed to stream restricted, but if you'd like to give it a try you can grab it on Google Play. [Engadget]