Never Lose Your Kids Again with Tencent's Trackable Tot's Smartwatch

By Abbie Turner on at

Are you the kind of parent that is forever losing your child? Sick of frantically wandering up and down Tesco’s aisles whilst your kid is stuck in a freezer chest, with only a turkey dinosaur for comfort? Well, Chinese tech giant, Tencent, has an Orwellian solution for you, a trackable smartwatch for kids.

The QQ watch is fairly feature-rich, especially considering it’s designed for children, with a 1.12 inch 128 x 128 OLED screen, 2G radio, 0.3-megapixel camera and an SOS call button. The camera can also be linked up to WeChat, so you can receive photographic evidence when your child is lost, or more likely pictures of themselves pulling faces.

The tracking function is supposedly ‘highly accurate’, as it uses GPS, WiFi and cellular triangulation all at the same time. Despite that, the battery should last around five days (Pebble Time levels of battery life) and charges via a magnetic connector.

The watch will be released exclusively in China in October and is expected to run globally before the end of the year. A price hasn’t been announced yet, but it is supposed to be “very affordable” and rugged, so you needn’t worry about the occasional bump, unlike the more grown up versions. [Engadget]